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Florianopolis (at the South coast) and Iguassu (at the inland border with Argentine and Paraguay) are 610 miles/965 Kms distant from each other. They form, with Rio de Janeiro (932 miles/1500 Kms from Iguassu), three interconnected and very distinct Brazilian destinations.

Rio de Janeiro has music, a fun nightlife and great beaches.

The Iguassu Falls form the world's biggest waterfalls, an unique natural wonder.

Florianopolis, in the Santa Catarina state, is 438 miles/705 Kms south of Sao Paulo, and with its 42 beaches, a spectacular lake (Lagoa da Conceicao), rivers, streams, dunes and rich vegetation makes a different Brazil, deeply distinct from the tropical one and from Rio. Florianopolis is a major sea sports center.

Suggested tour

- Arrival at Rio de Janeiro (or Sao Paulo)
- 3-4 days in Rio de Janeiro
- 2 days in Iguassu Falls (1 night)
- 2-3 days in Florianopolis
- Departure from Rio de Janeiro (or Sao Paulo)

The number of days in each destination mentioned above are just common options; it all depends on your interests and personal options.

Advantages of this Tour:

- Very different top destinations: the world's biggest waterfalls (Iguassu), natural beauty, nightlife and beaches (Rio de Janeiro) and a highly relaxed ambiance and sea-sport spirit (Florianopolis).

- The destinations are relatively close.

The flights Rio-Iguassu, Iguassu-Florianopolis and Florianopolis-Rio may be covered by the Brazilian Air Pass, making the tour more affordable.

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