Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beaches. Copacabana or Ipanema, for instance, are two of the most famous beaches in teh world, but they aren’t the best Brazilian beaches – if by that we mean fully tropical beaches, constant warm temperatures and sunny days, picturesque fishing villages largely cut off from the outside, reserved tropical resorts or great beach eco-destinations.

Rio de Janeiro magnificence comes from a special blending: the blending of its beaches with its stunning landscape, its musical offers, its cosmopolitism and its nightlife.

Lagoinha is part of a large set of Brazilian preserved beachesFor typically tropical beaches, you should look for other Brazilian destinations, namely in the Northeast coast.

You will not find anywhere else in the world the variety and the excellence of so many beaches as in that coast. Salvador da Bahia, Porto Seguro, Maceio, Natal, Ilheus, Porto Galinhas, are some of the names of a larger set of great brazilian beach destinations.

Image: Lagoinha, Fortaleza, Embratur 

Main Brazilian beaches and resorts

Rio de Janeiro beaches and its outskirts
Beaches + Cosmopolitism + Nightlife + Animation 

Salvador da Bahia beaches
Tropical Beaches + Music + Exoticism + Special cuisine

Isolated tropical resorts 
Animated tropical resorts + Exotic tours 

Top northeast beach destinations
Fortaleza, Recife, Maceio, Fernando Noronha 

South Brazil beaches
São Paulo, Florianopolis and South