Best time to visit COFECO, PRAINHA, PORTO DAS DUNAS AND AQUIRAZ in cearÁ, brazil

Cofeco, Prainha, Porta das Dunas and Aquiraz are excellent travel destinations, just some miles south of Fortaleza. They are great beach resorts.

Best time to travel to Cofeco, Prainha, Porto das Dunas or Aquiraz (in Ceará, Brazil)

Air temperature - like sea water temperature - is fairly constant all over the year in these beaches; expect sea water temperatures around 81ºF/27ºC (see: Seawater temperatures, Brazil) and air temperatures between 73-75ºF/23-24ºC and 86ºF/30ºC.

On the other hand, the rain season goes from February to May (a period when humidity is also higher), while the dry season goes from June to January.

Hence a simple and obvious conclusion: if you want to visit these wonderful tropical beaches in the Brazilian Ceará, consider dry season months: June, July, August, September, October and November. They are the best.

For graphics and clues on precipitation, humidity and air temperatures in Aquiraz, Cofeco, Prainha, Praia das Dunas and other nearby beaches, see: Best time to visit Fortaleza and Ceará. Weather patterns do not differ from those of Fortaleza.

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Travel attractions in these Ceara beach resorts
Beach life, buggies, surfboard, swimming, sailing, diving.

Cofeco, Porto das Dunas, Prainha and Aquiraz are just some miles outside Fortaleza as shown in the map below.

Map Cofeco Dunas Prainha Aquiraz, Brazil

There are quite a few available, namely in Porto das Dunas and Aquiraz.


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