best time to travel to Goiania, Aparecida and pirenopolis

Goiania is the capital of the state of Goias, in central Brazil, not far from Brasilia (around 200 Kms).

Goiania is the largest travel hub in the state and it's one of the biggest cities in Brazil: its population rounds the 1,2 million people. Like Brasilia, Goiania is also a planned city, born from an empty space less than a thousand years ago.

Best time to visit Goias: Goiana, Aparecida, Pirenopolis

Goias weather has two seasons: the dry and the wet. The dry season begins in May and goes until September. Unfortunately humidity can be too low from mid-July on, making traveling unpleasant.

May is a good month to visit this region, but June can be unpleasant due to low levels of humidity – a trend that extends until the first weeks of September. Avoid this period – going from mid-June to mid-September, at least. Very low levels of humidity, cold temperatures during the night and high temperatures in the daytime can make your stay an unpleasant one.

October is different, and may be a good time to go to Goias and its main travel spots.

Unfortunately, rain periods can be long and heavy from November on (till February); from a weather perspective these months are not the best time to visit the region either (March and April can be a better time: they are transitional months, often with more pleasant weather).

Take into the account the clues shown in the graphs below. Unless you intend to enjoy the waterfalls of Pirenópolis (they are full in the May-July period) or other local events, pay attention to the weather patterns shown in the graphs.

Average Maximum and Minimum Air Temperatures (Celsius): Goiania
Source:, Gráficos climatológicos (1961-1990)

Temperatures Maximum and Minimum Goiania

Humidity levels: Goiania

Goiania Humidity levels monthly

Goiania: monthly rainfall levels (mm)

Goiania precipitation monthly

Goias & Google Map

More information

Goiania airport
Santa Genoveva Airport, 8 km away from the city downtown.

Other big cities in the state of Goias
Anapolis: 310.0000 inhabitants
Aparecida de Goiania: 420.000 inhabitants


The airport of Goiania
The airport of Gaionia is the Santa Genoveva Airport and is located 8 km away from Goiania downtown.