Guarulhos and its Convention Centers and Business Tourism

Guarulhos is not just a place where fliers of the Guarulhos Internationanl Airport pass through. Guarulhos is also one of the biggest cities of Brazil (more than 1,2 million inhabitants) and a dynamic place in the region.

Guarulhos is a major brazilian reference in the Events and Tourism Business areas. Reflecting it, the number of hotels has grown exponentially over the later years, as well the Convention Centers. The big Convention & Visitors Bureau (tel.: 6468-1118 e 6468-2343 -, has been created in 2003. But there is also the Open Hall Convention Center and the Events and Convention Center of Santa Monica, and soon the Convention Complex of Feira Brasil, close to the international airport.

The number of hotels in Guarulhos is growing steadily over the last years. Well internationally known hotels like Marriot, Melia, Caesar Park, Mercure, Ibis or Panamby are present in Guarulhos.

The airport
Guarulhos is obviously served by Guarulhos Intl. Guarulhos Intl, one of the major airports in the world.

Transfers from the airport
There is a wide service of taxis and there are buses every few minutes to several destinations in the city.