RibeirAo Preto, Brazil - the Carnival and the Agro-Business

Ribeirao Preto is one of the largest brazilian cities with near 600,000 inhabitants. Ribeirao is located 310 Kms/192 miles away from Sao Paulo and 710 Kms /440 miles away from Brasilia, the Brazilian capital.

Ribeirao Preto district is nicknamed the Brazilian California due to its prosperity and always booming economy (based on the sugar cane and other agro-business sectors), high technology (its university campus is an internationally well known center in agro-business and medicine) and the sunny weather and styles of life of its people.

Travel attraction: the Carnabeirao

Ribeirao Preto beer is well known all over Sao Paulo state, as well as its out of date carnival, known as the Carnabeirao.

The Carnabeirao takes place in April and calls hundreds of thousand of people to the city of Ribeirao Preto.

Ribeirao Preto has a high number of hotels, namely in the medium and budget categories. Ibis Ribeirao Preto or Comfort Ribeirao Preto are good options in the late category. But there are many more options. Just look online for a wider choice.

The airport
Ribeirao Preto has its own airport, just some miles out of the city. But most of international flights arrive in Guarulhos, the international airport of Sao Paulo.

Transfers from the airport
There is a wide service of taxis and there are buses every few minutes to several destinations in Guarulhos airport. There are also regular flights to Ribeirao Preto from Guarulhos.