Sorocaba, Brazil - a Mechanical Engeneering Industry Leader

Sorocaba - in Sao Paulo state - is one of the biggest Brazilian cities, with almost 600.000 inhabitants. Sorocata is located 87 Km / 54 miles south Sao Paulo (and is 500 Km / 310 miles away from Rio de Janeiro and 1000 Kms / 620 miles away from Brasilia, the capital).

Sorocaba has a leading role in world engineering, namely in the mechanical one. Sorocaba's Industrial park involves more than 25 million square meters and an extraordinary number of industries: machinery, metallurgy, automobile, chemical, cement, textiles, agricultural equipment, etc., etc. and is particularly well served in transports, roads, highways (linking Sorocaba to regional airports and coastal ports) and railways. The Ferroban railroad connects the city to Sao Paulo and to Santos, in the coast, and to Argentina and Bolivia.

Sorocaba offers to investors and business people a Convention & Visitors Bureau and two International Convention Centers.

The accommodation offered by Sorocaba is very extensive, including top hotels of international chains like Transamerica Flat or Ibis, as well as hotels in medium or budget categories.

The airport
Sorocaba has its own airport, with a huge cargo terminal, just some miles out of the city: Sorocaba Airport (SOD). But most of international flights arrive in Guarulhos, the international airport of Sao Paulo.

Transfers from the airport
There is a wide service of taxis and there are buses every few minutes to several destinations in Guarulhos airport as weel as in Sorocaba Airport.