Brazil, Osasco: an Extension of Sao Paulo Business Centers

Osasco is one of the biggest cities of Brazil. Though formally distinct of Sao Paulo, Osasco is rather an extension of it in its west side. In fact, Osasco is closer to Sao Paulo's downtown than some of its northern and southern districts.

Osasco is the headquarter of many business federations and associations. That's the case of the FACESP, the SEBRAE, SENAI, SENAC, etc.. Some of the major Brazilian corporations also have their headquarters in Osasco, as well as many representations and logistic centers of multinational corporations like McDonalds, Ponto Frio, Coca-Cola, Carrefour, Makro, etc..

The Avenue dos Autonomistas is 10 kilometres long and is filled with shopping centers, universities and a record number of commercial shops; as such, it is a great example of how important commerce is to this city.

Osasco is closely linked to Sao Paulo's downtown and main districts through its road and railroad system. The access to Sao Paulo's main avenues is very easy and quick, with the distance being just a few miles.

As such, you may choose Osasco Hotels or go for the key and safe hotel-business centers of Sao Paulo, such as Augusta Stree, Faria de Lima Avenue or the districts of Vila Madalena, Ibirapuera Parkas and Pinheiros.

The airport
Osasco is served by Sao Paulo Guarulhos Intl.. Guarulhos Intl serves all international destinations and some Brazilian cities.

In some flights involving Rio de Janeiro and some other Brazilian cities there is also Sao Paulo Congonhas Intl (CGH), located 9 miles/14 Km away from the city.

Transfers from the airport
There is a wide service of taxis and there are buses every few minutes to several destinations, including Osasco.