Pantanal traveling and lodging, Brazil

Pantanal is a huge animal reserve, the biggest of America, ideal for bird observation. Places such as Bar?o do Melga?o, Corumb? and Porto Jofre are important references in Pantanal's transportation infrastructure. Also important are the hub cities of Cuiaba, at the North, and Campo Grande, at the south.

Jeeps, boats and guides

Pantanal, Brazil, mapVisits should be conducted by trained guides. It's not a good idea to travel independently, without guides and support. Pantanal requires more then just an adventurous spirit. The mutable geography of Pantanal, the scarce roads, the bad accesses and its wilderness makes the idea of a non-guided visit highly unadvisable. For a proper visit you will need adequate means: jeeps, boats, horses or, perhaps, balloons.

The fazendas-lodges

For a rapid visit, the surrounds of border villages or small towns as Bar?o do Melga?o, Pocon? (in the North), or Aquidauana (in the South) are good choices.

There are, near these places, fazendas-lodges, with good conditions. The transfer from the hub city to the fazenda-lodge is assured by the fazendas.

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